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  1. Magnet Fastener

    Magnet Fastener

    A stylish alternative to the traditional pins, the magnet fastener offers great support for any type of badge without any compromises. The magnet fasteners do not damage your clothing, are easy to use and can be employed on any type of fabric or clothing. With the high quality materials used to make these magnet fasteners, your badge is safely kept in place all day long. Learn More
  2. Pin Fastener

    Pin Fastener

    Made of sturdy materials and crafted with care, our pin fasteners are easy to use, safe and highly comfortable. Simple and elegant, these pin fasters are carefully selected so that they will hold your badge in place, avoiding any type of accidents. Suitable for any occasion as well as for daily use. Learn More
  3. Clip Fastener

    Clip Fastener

    Classy alternative, the clip fasteners are suitable for any type of event, whether it’s formal or casual. They can be successfully used for vertical as well as for horizontal badges. Made in solid plastic and high quality metal, our clip fasteners will keep your badge in place and resist the proof of time. Learn More
  4. Woven Lanyard

    Woven Lanyard

    Comfortable and stylish, these Woven Lanyards are lively and very formal at the same time. Made with high quality materials and sturdy metal, they are extremely comfortable and long lasting. Each one of our woven lanyards has been carefully dyed so as the color does not stain your clothing and doesn't wear over time. Learn More
  5. ID Card Holder

    ID Card Holder

    ID Card Holder Learn More
  6. Reusable Name Badge Insert Sheet

    Reusable Name Badge Insert Sheet

    Product Code: NT-123 Learn More

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